Why End Of Lease Carpet Cleaning Is Important!

Why End Of Lease Carpet Cleaning Is Important!

As an investor in property, it is important to have end-of lease cleaning or vacate cleaning arrangements to bring your property to shape once a tenant moves or when you purchase a new house. Property cleaning is one way of improving value for money and making it more attractive for new tenants to come in. there are various ways to go about vacate cleaning including the option to hire professional property cleaners, or buy property cleaning equipment that can be used. If you own several properties that may become vacant in numbers, the best approach is to have your own equipment and also hire professional cleaning services to help you bring your estates to the state you want. Some of the things to consider include;

• Cleaner reviews

The best way to determine if a given vacate cleaner company meets its claims, is through reviews from other users who have actually bought and used their services. User reviews and comments can help you determine if a given property cleaner will perform to your expected standards or not. Most likely, you will be renting the equipment and personnel to use it. In such cases, all you need to do is review the company/brand rather than equipment. They should be able to provide quality guarantees including provisions to redo assignments that do not meet agreed standards the first time. You should get an understanding of exactly what they clean, will they just clean the rooms, or will they also clean old furniture and beds for example?

• Professional experience

While some new cleaners have the capacity to offer high quality services, it is often recommendable to choose experienced lads who have profound experience in end of lease property cleaning. They do not only boast experience, but also have streamlined service delivery frameworks including all sorts of equipment and personnel for the job.

• Affordability

Different property cleaners rent their services and equipment at varying prices so shopping around before making your final decision can help you save some money. Simple find a couple of companies that can be trusted to offer reliable quality services and compare their prices/quotes to gain competitive affordability.

• Proximity to property

It may help to choose a property cleaner that operates within town rather than those from another city. This makes it easier to get high quality services since some businesses sub-contract projects to other local companies that may not provide as good a standard as anticipated. Vacate cleaners around town can also be reached easily in case of a complaint or any other interaction. This also logically reduces the cost of renting.

These days it’s also very important to ensure the building is save. In Australia and Adelaide, many older buildings may have asbestos int he ceiling and walls and as a cleaner, you want to make sure your know if their is a potential threat. Find a reputable asbestos removal company to inspect, and then remove is the best option before taking on any contract.


There is no single best property cleaner in the market and it all depends on your unique needs. Make sure you first identify your need for cleaning before renting such services and/or equipment.

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